Police Arrest Two In "Neapolitan Bandits" Convenience Store Robberies

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Fri, 13 Apr 2012 12:29:00 -0800

SAN JOSE (BCN)--Police in San Jose have arrested two men suspected of being the  "Neapolitan Bandits," the culprits with a sweet tooth behind a string of  convenience store robberies.
The men are suspected of at least seven armed robberies between  March 8 and April 6. Police learned the suspects would approach the counter  with an ice cream -- often Neapolitan-flavored -- earning them their nickname.
Instead of paying for their ice cream, however, the thieves would  point a gun at the clerk, sometimes climbing onto the counter, and take cash  from the register.
Police said that they now have two suspects on ice who may have  committed the crimes.
Miguel Ceja, 19, was arrested on April 5 near the corner of  Hillsdale Avenue and Ross Avenue, while Robert Frank Gutierrez, Jr., 18, was  arrested on Wednesday near McLaughlin Avenue and Capitol Expressway.
The suspects, both San Jose residents, are in custody at the Santa  Clara County Main Jail, police said.
Anyone with information about these crimes has been asked to call  the San Jose police at (408) 277-4166.
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