Truck Snags Wires, Topples Power Pole

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Mon, 16 Apr 2012 15:17:26 -0800

LAFAYETTE (KRON)--PG&E crews are working to restore power caused by a downed power pole that prompted a shelter in place in Lafayette Monday morning.

PG&E spokesman Tamar Sarkissian said a moving truck snagged some overhead wires on Risa Road near Mt. Diablo Boulevard causing a power pole to topple over. As a result, 51 PG&E customers were without power due to the ensuing outage. 

Lafayette police alerted residents about the situation via phone  and email shortly after 9 a.m., saying there was a "severe electrical hazard"  on Risa Road because of a downed high-voltage power line. 

Police advised residents to stay indoors. Sarkissian said, however, that because of a built-in safety  mechanism, there was no danger to the public. 
"The fuse blew the moment that line made contact with the ground  and it was immediately de-energized," she said. However, she said, residents should steer clear of fallen power  lines.
"If you see a downed line, always assume it's live," Sarkissian  said. "Keep yourself and others away, and call 911."
She said it could take several hours to restore power to the  customers affected by the outage.

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