Shootout Injures Store Clerk During Attempted Robbery

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Tue, 17 Apr 2012 13:58:30 -0800

OAKLAND (KRON)--A suspect remains on the loose Tuesday following an attempted robbery Monday night in which he allegedly fired a gun at a store clerk before being shot at by the store's owner. 

Officers responded to the shooting at the East Oakland Dollar and More store at 8601 International Blvd. at 9:45 p.m Monday night.
Police said a suspect entered the store and shot at a clerk.  Another worker exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who then took a third  clerk in a headlock, dragged him outside, and let him go before fleeing.
Enshrah Ayesh, whose family owns the store, said she and several  family members were working when a tall man dressed in a puffy jacket whom  she had never seen before walked into the store and asked her where the  cigarettes were.
"I pointed him where the cigarettes were, that's when he took out  his gun," Ayesh said. 
She said the man then demanded money. Her mother was behind the  counter at the register and started reaching for the money, but the man began  hitting her, Ayesh said. 
The man then fired a shot that grazed her mother's cheek, Ayesh  said.
Her father and her brother then came running from the back. Her  father, who was armed with a gun, began shooting at the man, who grabbed her  brother as a shield, she said. 
"Of course my father stopped shooting," she said. 
The man dragged her brother out of the store, then let him go, got  on a bicycle and rode off, she said. He hadn't taken anything from the store. 

Meanwhile, Enshrah Ayesh ran to the back of the store and called 911. 
Tuesday, Ayesh said, her mother is resting at the family's Hayward  home, recovering from the cheek wound and a head injury from being hit. 
Ayesh said that two years ago, her brother Samier Ayesh, 22, was  shot and killed while trying to prevent graffiti vandals from tagging a spot  outside the dollar store. 
Police said Samier Ayesh was shot just before 11 p.m. on June 11,  2010. 
His sister said two people have been arrested in connection with  the shooting and that the case is making its way through court. 
Enshrah Ayesh said Monday night was the first time anyone tried to  rob the store, located in the heart of East Oakland.
"It's a crazy neighborhood," she said. 

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