Sierra Lamar Waterway Search Could End Wednesday

By: Brian Shields - Tue, 17 Apr 2012 23:08:27 -0800

MORGAN HILL (KRON) -- Three-member teams in boats hope to wrap up their search of several ground water percolation ponds a few miles from the home where missing teenager Sierra Lamar was last seen more than a month ago.

The teams, which include two people looking at the water and one examining the signal from a side-scanning sonar array, identified several items of interest Tuesday but further investigation from divers shows the anomalies were just rock piles or shadows unrelated to the search for Sierra.

The 15-year old girl was last seen in March when she was supposed to walk to catch a school bus not far from her Morgan Hill home.  Investigators recovered her purse and cell phone which are among the items of evidence for which the crime lab has expedited the examination.

Detectives say some of those results are promising but remain vague about exactly where the evidence may lead.

"We're not specifying which specific results came back that pertain to which items," Santa Clara County Sheriff's department spokesman Jose Cardoza says.  "It has led to some further information, some further leads that they'll do some follow-up on.  So it may result in a person of interest in the case and it may not.  We just don't at this time.  The detectives today still need to do some follow up in regards to the evidence to see where it goes from there."

"There was no direct hit," Cardoza tells KRON 4's Rob Fladeboe.  "Whatever they got back is from confirmed reports but they don't point 100% to a person of interest or to a suspect which would be more concrete.  It is a possibility that based on the steps they will take that may lead them to that."

Authorities say the waterway search was scheduled before the promising lab results came back.  People who live near Coyote Creek say they're hopeful investigators find something that will lead them to answers about what happened to Sierra.

"I hope they don't find anything," neighbor Emma Thomas says.  "But I know the parents need closure and the community needs closure.  We all worry about our children."

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