San Bruno Parents Fight to Save Crestmoor Elementary

By: Brian Shields - Fri, 20 Apr 2012 01:22:59 -0800

SAN BRUNO (KRON) -- Some families that survived the San Bruno Gas Line explosion are now fighting to save another part of their community.

The San Bruno school board could decide as soon as next week if it will shut down Crestmoor Elementary school which serves the neighborhood impacted by the blast.

A failed PG&E natural gas pipeline failed in September of 2010 sending a fireball rolling through the neighborhood.  Eight people were killed and more than three dozen homes were destroyed.

"The kids that are impacted will lose some of their friends," parent and activist Jessica Bean tells KRON 4's Reggie Kumar.  "Not only will they be losing their school but all of their friends will go to various places. I think another huge change like that is very difficult in children's formative years.  That would be like two major impacts in these children's formative years."

Parents are putting up signs and organizing within the community to keep Crestmoor Elementary open.

"There are already children with issues because they're trying to get over the fire," parent John Marinos adds.  "To choose this school out of all the schools is completely unnecessary."

Reggie says he talked with the school board president who remains hopeful Crestmoor Elementary can be saved.

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