Update: Lottery Likely to Find Home for Dragged Puppy

By: Brian Shields - Thu, 26 Apr 2012 14:43:23 -0800

BENICIA (KRON) -- The Humane Society of the North Bay says it will likely hold a lottery of qualified applicants who want to adopt "Freeway", a four month old German Shepherd puppy rescued after its owner dragged it behind a pickup truck on Interstate 780.

Officials with the society say they've been swamped with people who want to adopt the animal and to help pay for the puppy's veterinary care.

A woman and her son say they watched the dog struggling for survival as the pickup truck sped down the freeway last Thursday.

"We were watching the puppy being dragged on the freeway and being strangulated at the same time flailing all over the place trying to get loose," Angie Porter tells KRON 4's Reggie Kumar. "We got a little closer. The guy looked like he was getting off so I followed him thinking that I was going to help him with the dog. As he was getting over the rope broke and the dog flipped and then tumbled onto the freeway and smacked the side of the wall."

Porter and her son pulled over and determined the dog was breathing. They called 911. Animal control officers brought the puppy, now known as "Freeway" to an animal hospital for emergency treatment.

"Breathing was good," veterinarian Dr. Robert Linville says. "He didn't have any head or neck injuries so we felt we had a fighting chance with him."

Dr. Linville amputated Freeway's right rear leg earlier this week. The animal appears to be recovering well and could be out of the hospital in six weeks.

Police are searching for the driver of the pickup truck but Porter was more focused on helping Freeway than in getting a description or license number of the truck.

Human Society officials say they will conduct a careful screen of all of the people who want to adopt Freeway then hold a lottery among those who pass inspection for the right to take the dog home. If you would like to help Freeway or apply to adopt him, contact the Humane Society of the North Bay.

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