Offshore Marine Event Permits Suspended Following Fatal Yacht Grounding

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Thu, 26 Apr 2012 19:02:54 -0800

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)--The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended all offshore marine event permits following the grounding of a yacht on Farallon Islands earlier this month that killed five people. 
According to the Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay, the organization was informed Wednesday by the U.S. Coast Guard Capitain of the Port that all offshore marine event permits were being temporarily suspended until an independent investigation by U.S. Sailing into the fatal accident of Low Speed Chase was complete.
The 38-foot sailboat was hit by waves while rounding the island during a race on April 14. Seven of the Low Speed Chase's eight crew members fell into the chilly Pacific Ocean. One was found dead later that day and four remain missing at sea.
San Francisco police had been tasked with investigating the crash. They said Tuesday that they have concluded the crash was a terrible tragedy.
The District Attorney's Office reviewed the police department's findings and agreed with that conclusion.
(The AP contributed to this report. Copyright 2012, KRON 4, All Rights Reserved.) 
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