Suspect Contacts KRON 4, Authorities After Learning She's Wanted By Police

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Thu, 26 Apr 2012 23:44:39 -0800

HAYWARD (KRON)--A woman suspected of being an accessory to rape after allegedly soliciting two juveniles for prostitution last year has contacted KRON 4 after realizing she is wanted by police. 
Police say in September 2011, Dejaniea Simons--who goes by the alias Elizabeth Adams--allegedly solicited two female juveniles in Oakland in an attempt to coerce them into prostitution. According to police, Simons transported one of the juveniles to a Hayward motel and when the girl refused to act as a prostitue, Simons allegedly stood by while a second suspect raped the juvenile. 
Police say in addition to being wanted by Hayward police for accessory to rape, Simons has warrants for similar incidents from Contra Costa County Sheriffs, Vallejo Police, Alameda County Sheriffs Department and Walnut Creek Police. 
After learning from family members that she appeared on KRON 4's special segment Bay Area's Most Wanted, Simons contacted the KRON 4 newsroom and then contacted police. Simons tells KRON 4 that she's innocent and that she's a victim in the alleged incident. Police say Simons contacted Hayward authorities Thursday morning claiming she's in Arkansas and reiterating her innocence.
According to police, investigators are working to get Simons to turn herself in. Police are also working to track down her whereabouts.
Anyone with information about Simons or this case should contact Hayward Police. 
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