Update: Carjacked Cab Found in Oakland

By: Brian Shields - Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:46:34 -0800

OAKLAND (KRON) -- Police are now examining a stolen taxicab whose driver was kidnapped then released overnight.

Investigators say three men hailed the cap at the Pittsburg-Bay Point BART station Thursday night and asked to be taken to an apartment on Delta Fair Blvd. in Antioch.  When they got there, the driver says the three men ordered him to get out, robbed him of his money, jewelry, and cell phone and forced him into the trunk of the car.

The victim says he had to lie in the trunk for about an hour while the men drove him around.  Eventually they released him in the Oakland Hills.  He was unharmed.

At about 8:47 a.m. Friday an Oakland resident called police to say she had seen two men walking away from the cab in the 2200 block of 83rd Avenue.  Police evidence technicians are looking for clues in the cab.  No suspects are in custody.

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