Alleged Robber Shot and Killed Inside Vallejo Jewelry Store

By: Brian Shields - Thu, 03 May 2012 23:33:33 -0800

VALLEJO (KRON) -- Authorities say they've cleared the owner of a Vallejo jewelry store of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of an attempted robber inside the building.

Investigators say they got a 911 call just after noon Thursday from a hysterical woman at Carrillo's Jewelry Story at 529 Broadway.  She said a robbery was underway and that someone had been shot.

At first authorities weren't sure if the shooting victim was the alleged robber or a citizen inside the store.  After meeting with the business owner and his wife, they learned an African-American man had entered the store, jumped over the counter and walked back to the office.  

The owner reportedly told investigators he feared for his life and grabbed a gun hidden in the office.  He opened fire.  Police say when they arrive, the 37-year old Hercules man was dead from a gunshot wound.  His name has not yet bee released.

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