Berkeley Home Declared a Nuisance

By: Brian Shields - Wed, 16 May 2012 23:18:08 -0800

BERKELEY (KRON) -- "The neighbors from hell" may soon be looking for a new home if the people living around a Berkeley house get their way.

The city says the owners of the home at 1722 9th street have just a month to apply for a series of permits and meet other conditions to avoid the start of an eviction action.

An official report says there have been 40 criminal-related incidents at the home over the last year and a half with police responding to complaints of stolen computers, guns, drugs, loud music, screaming, and other disturbances.  

"All the neighbors want them out of there," Berkeley mayor Tom Bates tells KRON 4's Reggie Kumar.  "It's been 30 years and we've had 250 violations.  Enough is enough."

The mayor says the homeowners must comply with at least eleven conditions to avoid eviction.  For instance, officials say there have been several additions to the home including an outdoor kitchen all without any permits being sought.  

Reggie says many of the people who live in the neighborhood didn't want to talk on camera about the residents of the home out of fear of retaliation.

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