Dozens Arrested, Drugs and Weapons Seized In Four-Month Crackdown

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Tue, 29 May 2012 14:40:57 -0800

OAKLAND (KRON)--Oakland officials have announced that at least 60 individuals will face federal charges as a result of a long-term joint enforcement operation.
United States Attorney Melinda Haag; Acting Special Agent in Charge Scot C. Thomasson of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)  and Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan announced the results of "Operation Gideon III" during a press conference Tuesday morning. The operation, designed to target and remove violent offenders and dismantle criminal organizations and robbery crews operating in the city, yielded federal charges against 60 suspects as well as resulted in the seizure of 92 firearms and various narcotics. 
 "We believe we have removed some of the most violent criminal  offenders from the streets of Oakland," Thomasson said.
U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag said the operation resulted in the  seizure of about 4 kilograms of methamphetamine, 3 kilograms of marijuana, 1  kilogram of heroin and a half-kilogram of crack cocaine.
Haag said 60 of the people arrested face federal charges such as  conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute narcotics, attempting to  interfere with interstate commerce through robbery, unlawful dealing in  firearms and assaulting federal agents.
Alameda County Chief Assistant District Attorney Kevin Dunleavy  said the other 30 people arrested will face state charges for illegal  possession of drugs and guns as well as probation violations.
Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said the arrests have resulted  in a significant drop in homicides in his city over the past month.
“This operation has had a significant impact in reducing gun violence in Oakland, and shows our community the level of cooperation and support that we will continue to receive from our federal law enforcement partners and the U.S. Attorney's Office," Oakland Chief of Police Jordan said.
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said the arrests "have given a breather to  the people in our neighborhoods" and that she hopes this will "change the  pattern of violence for a long time."
Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, said she hopes the  operation, which follows up on similar operations in Phoenix and San Diego,  will help "eradicate the flow of illegal firearms in Oakland."
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