Update: Sentencing Delayed In Triple Murder Case, Family Addresses Ramos In Court

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:03:12 -0800

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN)--Sentencing has been delayed for Edwin Ramos, an alleged MS-13  gang member convicted last month of murdering a father and two of his sons in  San Francisco.
Ramos, 25, was convicted May 9 of three counts of first-degree  murder for a shooting that killed Anthony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael,  20, and Matthew, 16, near Congdon and Maynard streets on June 22, 2008.
Prosecutors contended that Ramos shot the family members after  mistaking them for rival gang members.
He was set to be sentenced Monday morning, but his defense attorney  Marla Zamora asked for a delay because of a family emergency, and San  Francisco Superior Court Judge Charles Haines rescheduled the hearing for  next Monday.
However, Haines allowed members of the Bologna family to speak  about how they were affected by the murders.
Danielle Bologna, the wife and mother of the victims, was the  first to speak and addressed Ramos directly.
"I wish just once you would take responsibility for your role in  this incident," she said.
"I lost my family, my life in San Francisco and our house and all  the memories we shared in our home," she said. "My pain is so deep you can't  even imagine."
"Nani" Bologna, the 14-year-old daughter and sister of the  victims, also addressed the court, describing having to see her brother taken  off of life support at the hospital after the shooting and mentioning Ramos'  own young daughter.
"I hate you with all my heart and know that your daughter will  know that her father is a murderer," she said. "I hope when she is 14 she  will know how much I lost for the rest of my life."
Ramos asked to speak following the family's statements, but Haines  denied the request, saying he would consider letting him speak at next week's  hearing.
The charges of which Ramos was convicted included gang  enhancements and special circumstances that he committed multiple murders,  and that the murders were willful and premeditated, making him eligible for  life in prison without the possibility of parole.
He was also convicted of attempted murder because another son,  Andrew Bologna, was in the car but escaped injury in the shooting. Andrew  testified during the trial that Ramos was the shooter and the only person he  saw in the car.
However, the jury deadlocked on whether Ramos actually fired the  shots. He testified during the months-long trial that he was driving his car  from which another man, Wilfredo "Flaco" Reyes, shot the Bolognas. Reyes  remains at large.
Ramos' attorneys spoke outside of court following this morning's  hearing, saying they plan to file a request for a new trial after having  uncovered what they said is possible juror misconduct, although they declined  to discuss specifics.
Defense attorney Andrea Lindsay said "there was mass confusion in  the jury room," and that the attorneys have spoken to two of the jurors after  the fact who "said they regret convicting him of first-degree murder."
Several of the jurors attended Monday morning's hearing, including  the jury foreman, John S., who declined to give his last name.
He would not talk about the jury's deliberations, but said "we  made sure we followed the judge's instructions," although he acknowledged it  was "kind of hard keeping track of everything" during a trial that lasted  about four months.
Prosecutor Harry Dorfman also spoke outside of court following  today's hearing. He said he is confident that Ramos will receive the life  sentence next week.
"The sentence required by law is life without the possibility of  parole, and that's the sentence I expect to be handed down," Dorfman said.
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