Oakland Police Show No Interest So Far in Surveillance Video of Alleged Drug Deal

By: Brian Shields - Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:55:31 -0800

OAKLAND (KRON) -- Residents of an Oakland neighborhood say they're still waiting for a response from police after they videotaped a drug deal going down on their street.

Neighbors erected surveillance cameras along East 17th Street and Third Avenue in the Lake Merritt area to try to identify criminals doing business on their block.

Betsy Johnson tells KRON 4's Da Lin she couldn't believe it when she saw a car pull up and a teenager walk out as she was pushing her baby stroller down the sidewalk.

"They waited for the car to pull up and they exchanged what was pretty clear to me because I was close to be drugs for money," Johnson said.  "I was in the middle of the streets when it was happening.  It surprised me that it was so bold."

Neighbors say they thought capturing the criminal behavior on video would get the attention of the police and help keep the bad guys away.

"This is not the first time that they use the street to do their drug dealing," Hector San Ramon tells Da.  "We don't want this in our streets.  We have kids and we don't want this."

San Ramon and Johnson say they called the Oakland police drug hotline last Thursday but so far have heard nothing.

"I'm surprised that it's been three days and no one from the drug hotline unit has called to say 'can I have your video?'," Johnson said.

For now neighbors have posted the video on YouTube and shared it with others in the area in hopes someone recognizes the alleged dealer and his customer.

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