South Bay IT Consultant Convicted For Child Porn

By: Ja'Mein Beale - Wed, 13 Jun 2012 15:38:44 -0800

SANTA CLARA CO. (KRON)--A Silicon Valley IT consultant has been convicted of child porn and molestation charges after authorities say he rigged his San Jose home with cameras so he could watch young girls undressing, sleeping, bathing and using the bathroom.  
Police say the accidental discovery of John Zeno Moore's cameras by a mother led investigators to his molestation victims and a horde of child pornography. Among the child porn is an explicit video of an infant girl who Moore claimed was an entry for an E*Trade baby commercial contest. 
“This person will never be able to hurt another little girl again," said Deputy District Attorney Erin West, whose 10 day trial ended in the conviction on Tuesday. “On the surface this was an articulate, professional man who was able to gain the trust of these single moms. He turned out to be a serial child molester. We can all be too trusting.”
Authorities say the case against Moore began in April 2010 after a mother and her two young daughters subleased rooms in Moore's home. According to authorities, the mother discovered the hidden cameras in the rooms and notified police. Search warrants of Moore's computers and hard drives uncovered more than 300 child porn videos and stills including a video of Moore stripping and posing the 2-year-old daughter of one of his friends he agreed to baby-sit.
Investigators also discovered 199 videos of the teenaged daughter of Moore's previous tenant. 
Moore, who is scheduled to be sentenced on August 31, faces more than 180 years in prison.
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