South City Woman Victim of Lottery Scam

By: Brian Shields - Mon, 18 Jun 2012 13:24:20 -0800

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) -- Police in South San Francisco are searching for a couple who  scammed a woman out of money and jewelry with the promise of sharing $100,000  in lottery winnings.

      The victim, a 33-year-old South San Francisco woman, was walking  in the 300 block of Maple Avenue on Friday when she was approached by a  Hispanic man in his 30s with black hair and a patchy beard, police said.

      The man asked the victim if she knew of a charity in the area that  helped people with immigration paperwork, food and clothing.

      As the two were talking, a woman in her 30s with blond hair  approached them and said she knew of such a charity, but would only show the  man where it was if the victim accompanied them in his car.

      As the three were driving, the man said he had a winning lottery  ticket worth $100,000. The female suspect then pretended to call the lottery  commission and claimed to verify the validity of the ticket. She said the  winnings could be claimed if $25,000 was paid up front, police said.

      The male suspect said he would share the winnings if the women  helped him pay the up-front fee.

      The suspects drove the victim to her home, where she gathered  jewelry and an undisclosed amount of cash, police said.

      They then drove her to a bank in San Bruno, where she attempted to  withdraw more cash.

      When she came out of the bank, the suspects were gone. Their  vehicle was described as green four-door sedan.

      Anyone with information about the lottery scam or the suspects is  asked to contact the South San Francisco Police Department at (650) 877-8900  or the anonymous tip line at (650) 829-3700.
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