RB's "Morning Market Notes" News Corp, Amazon, Facebook, H-P, Housing Bust Over & More

By: Rob Black - Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:10:30 -0800

Loser: Stocks Flucuate Amid Europe Woes
Winner: Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 July Launch Rumor
Winner:  Housing Bust is Over!
Loser: Consumer Confidence Hits a 5 Month Low
Loser: Facebook Forces @facebook.com Email Address
Loser:  HP Reportedly To Cut 9,000 U.S. Jobs
Winner: News Corp.’s to Consider Splitting Company


Winner: Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 July Launch Rumor

Amazon’s Kindle Fire launch last year was a success.

Rumor has  a larger Kindle Fire alongside the 7” model this year so says CNET tip
31st of July launch.
 Only spec  rumored is display resolution to that of 1280×800

Winner:  Housing Bust is Over!


Today's  Case-Shiller house price report helped confirm it.

On a sequential basis, house prices rose 0.67%. On an annualized basis, house prices only fell 1.9%, which is far better than the expectation of a 2.50%.

And the more you dig into the report, the better it looks.

Here are some datapoints:

• 19 out of 20 cities saw gains.
• 18 out of 20 cities saw an improvement in annual returns.
• There were no cities where house prices hit brand new lows.

What's more, it's not just this housing index that's showing improvement.

New home sales have hit a 2 year high.

Clearly new home sales have bottomed – and the debate is now about the strength of the recovery.
Although sales are still historically very weak, sales are up 35% from the low, and up about 24% from the May 2010 through September 2011 average.

Sales and prices are both starting to move up.

Loser: Consumer Confidence Hits a 5 Month Low

Confidence among U.S. consumers declined in June to a five-month low as Americans became less sanguine about the outlook for the labor market and incomes.

Falling gasoline prices are having limited effect at the same time hiring and income growth cools.
The risk is of a cutback in consumer spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of the economy.
In addition to weak job growth here in the U.S., we’ve got three big risk factors – Europe, Asia and the fiscal cliff-- to deal with. Consumers are probably feeling leery. Gasoline prices will help, but that gets overwhelmed.


Loser: Facebook Forces @facebook.com Email Address

 900 million members and they  make an unannounced changes to the social network.

Facebook's decidedn to replace the personal e-mail addresses on a user's profile page with an @facebook.com e-mail address.

Facebook has come under fire from users before, most noticeably in 2009 after it secretly altered members' privacy settings. That move led to a settlement with the FTC and an order requiring the company to submit to 20 years of monitoring related to its privacy practices.

Facebook users who want to restore their original e-mail addresses can do so by going to "Contact Info" and clicking "Edit." You'll be able to choose which e-mail addresses you would like to make public, as well as with whom you prefer to share them.

Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has been named to the company's board of directors. This makes her the first woman on the board.

Once again, Facebook Wall Street analysts are in the spotlight. On Wednesday, dozens of banks that were involved in the IPO will be allowed to publish a detailed analysis of the company publicly for the first time.

Loser:  HP Reportedly To Cut 9,000 U.S. Jobs

Hewlett Packard  is planning to cut 9,000 U.S. jobs as part of its previously announced plan to reduce global headcount by 27,000 worldwide by 2014.

HP also intends to cut 8,000 jobs in Europe.

There has been widespread speculation that the cuts would be deepest in the company’s services arm – in particular to the EDS business that HP bought in 2008 for $13.9 billion.

Winner: News Corp.’s to Consider Splitting Company

News Corp., under pressure to separate its media business from entertainment holdings, said it’s considering splitting into two publicly held companies.  

Shares jumped as much as 8.1 percent.

A phone-hacking scandal at the U.K. newspapers thwarted News Corp.’s plans to take full control of Britain’s biggest pay-TV operator, British Sky Broadcasting

News Corp., owner of Fox Broadcasting and Fox News, derives at least 70 percent of its annual profit from television, and is working to expand in markets outside the U.S. with investments in pay-TV operators.


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