Family Facing Charges for Neglect of Disabled Residents in Unlicensed Care Home

By: Sophia Silletto - Thu, 05 Jul 2012 17:16:09 -0800

SAN JOSE (KRON) -- A San Jose family is facing felony charges for running an unlicensed care home for mentally disabled adults.

On May 31st, police received complaints from a relative who was told they were not allowed to visit their loved one who is a resident of the care home. Police were not permitted to enter the home but they saw the resident inside.

When checking on his welfare they discovered a dozen disabled adults who were malnourished, beaten, bathed once a month, and forbidden to use toilet paper.

The police removed the residents and put them into Adult Protective Custody. Most of the residents suffering from severe disorders were brought to licensed care facilities.

Twenty-five dogs were also found inside the large home with their feces littered everywhere.

The residents told investigators that they were not allowed to leave their small rooms for most of the day. Their clothes were only washed the day they saw the doctor and their Social Security checks were being taken, the victims said.

Only a day after being taken from the home by police, three residents were brought back by an unknown person who posed as the victims’ relative.

A month later police forced entry and removed the three residents for a second time. Officers also found 21 more dogs inside the home.

The prosecutor in the case, Charles Huang, says “these incredibly vulnerable people were treated worse than the animals that were rescued”.

The defendants, Kathy Le, 41, George Dac Nguyen, 72, Jennifer Ngo, 63, Charles Nguyen, 25, and Margaret Ngo, 27, are all related. They were arrested by SJPD on July 2nd. They are currently out on bail.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office filed dependent adult abuse and animal neglect charges Thursday. If convicted, the defendants each face up to 18 years in jail. Arraignment is set to take place on July 16th.

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